Start Thinking Early Book Project

Would you like to equip all children with a lifelong love of learning? Take part in our thinking skills project, the results of which will form a book to be published by Imaginative Minds in Autumn 2019.

The day will introduce you to easy to implement initiatives aimed at enabling all children to thrive and become creative, critical and philosophical thinkers, intrinsically motivated lifelong learners and inspirational global citizens.

The session is led by Marcelo Staricoff who has over 20 years' experience as an author, teacher and headteacher and regularly leads INSETs nationally and internationally. Marcelo has just been commissioned to publish a sequel to his book Start Thinking, aimed at those working with children in Early Years and Key Stage 1. The new book is called Start Thinking Early.

9am to 10.30am: Establishing a Joy of Not Knowing (JONK) Learning to learning culture in the Early Years setting and Key Stage 1 classroom

  • Learning to love learning by enjoying not knowing; values, children's rights, lifelong learning dispositions and links with families
  • The JONK Learning Pit and removing barriers from learning
  • The JONK Learning to Learn Week, its structure and components including:
    • Models of Learning, Thinking Pages and Image of the Week
    • Thinking Skills Starters and Thinking in Playgrounds
    • Concept and Fortune Lines, Mind Maps, Traffic Lights, De Bono's Hats 
    • Challenge in the curriculum and as part of home learning
    • Philosophy in the curriculum; inquisitive learning, philosophical learning objectives, why books, critical thinking, fermi questions
    • Lifelong learning dispositions; creative, curious, collaborative, resilient, resourceful and reflective learners
  • The areas for greatest learner impact - previewing, motivating, modelling, engaging, encouraging, intellectual playfulness, feedback and metacognition 
  • Students as leaders of their own learning and of school improvement; children writing down their own version of the school development plan 

11am to 12pm: The Wandle Start Thinking Early Book Project

  • The concept of open-ended Thinking Skills Starters that greet the children in the morning that have such a transformational impact on children's love of learning and their self-esteem
  • Using the new examples created in this session for the forthcoming Start Thinking Early Book, due to be published by Imaginative Minds in Autumn 2019

1pm to 3pm: A practical afternoon 

  • Experience all the initiatives described in the morning session for yourself by engaging in a series of interactive mini workshops. These are designed to enable you to implement them in a way that builds on your existing practice
  • All workshops will be illustrated with children's work from a variety of settings, so that you can see how all the ideas work within Early Years and the KS1 classroom

Aimed at: 
Early Years and Key Stage 1 professionals. No limits on numbers per school

Thursday 28th March 

09:00 – 15.00


Chesterton Primary School (Dagnall Street, Battersea, London, SW11 5DT)

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