Introduction to Emotion Coaching

This course will be led by Claudia McGowan from Nightingale Community Academy.

Emotion Coaching makes use of principles derived from attachment theory and neuroscience. It uses moments of heightened emotion and the resulting behaviour to guide and teach the child or young person about more effective responses. Through empathic engagement, the child’s emotional state is verbally acknowledged and validated, promoting a sense of security and feeling ‘heard’ and ‘understood’. This activates the child’s neurological system and allows the child to calm down, physiologically and psychologically. Emotion coaching as a whole school approach can promote positive change in the school community as well as supporting an individual child to develop good self-regulation skills, and the capacity to better understand their own internal world and that of others.

Aimed at: Teaching professionals from Primary and Secondary schools, SENCO’S, Senior leaders

Date: 23 February 2021

Time: 16:00 - 17:15 

Cost: Free

Venue: Online

Spaces are offered free by the WTSA. However, there will be a £40 administration charge for non-attendance if you book a space and do not cancel in advance if you can no longer attend.

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