Mindfulness for modern day life – 10 week online course

Today’s world is full of uncertainty; our work life has been changed significantly, we are living a few weeks at a time and mid-term plans have been postponed.

All of this can potentially cause difficult emotions: frustration, sadness, fear, anger and low mood. These in turn can affect our focus at work and our relationships. So, coping strategies are a must to boost our resilience, enable our creativity and maintain a
healthy level of happiness. It is natural to worry but there is no need to suffer.

Mindfulness is an effective way of managing our emotions so that we can continue to enjoy life
and flourish regardless of challenges. Run over ten 45-60min weekly Zoom online sessions, this course will teach you easy breathing
techniques and offer practical ways to help you cope with the stresses and potential anxieties
of modern life. Over the 10 sessions we will look at:

• Why and how we operate on auto-pilot and feel the need to rush the day or keep busy
• How we should/can judge ourselves less, in order to be happy
• Specific stressors we face and how they can provoke emotions, reactions and urges
• How to deal with difficulties by developing a new relationship with our thoughts
• How to accept things and let happy times surface
Your experienced trainer, Anna Wille, herself a former primary school teacher, has delivered
Mindfulness courses for 5 years to 4500 people, to help them develop the presence and clarity
needed to stay strong when times are hard.

Please click here for a Mindfulness intro with Facilitator Anna Wille

Aimed at: Early Career Teachers (If you feel that you do not fit into this category then please get in touch as this course can still be beneficial to others)

Date: Thursdays at 10.30am, from May 7th to July 16th

Time: 10:30am -11:30am

Venue: Online

Cost: £30 (reduced from £150)

Those attending the NQT Induction training can attend the course free of charge.



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