Mediation Accredited Training

Interested in developing confidential and discrete in-house mediation provision? Our Accredited Mediation Training is for education professionals who want to develop their existing skills for use in-house or outside of your own organisation. Provided by our expert training partner Eisele Consulting the course covers the theory and practice of effective conflict resolution. 
The six day course offers a valuable development opportunity both personally and professionally aimed at enhancing day to day workplace productivity and for early intervention in potentially damaging conflict situations

Successful completion of all six days results in National Accreditation in Workplace Mediation (NAWM) accredited by the Open College Network and holds 9 credits, equivalent to NVQ Level 3

Why Mediation?

Did you know that: 

  • Recipients of incivility lose 60% of their cognitive function which means our ability to think rationally and make good decisions is affected (Incivility Matters, 2018)
  • On average a manager will spend 9 days dealing with a conflict (CIPD, 2015)
  • High levels of sickness/absence are often due to someone avoiding a conflict at work (CIPD, 2013)
  • On average, organisations spend a minimum of £25,000 per grievance before legal fees are considered
  • An investigation takes on average 90 days to complete; mediation takes one day to resolve (CIPD)
  • 95% of mediations are successful if conflict is addressed early. Late stage mediation is 75% successful

Course Summary

Unit 1 - Skills in Workplace Mediation Theory (3 days)

This unit covers the psychology of how and why conflicts occur and escalate;

Constructive vs. destructive conflict
Own responses to conflict
Cognitive Behavioural Therapy
The principles of mediation
The different mediation models
A robust process
The core mediation skills
Numerous opportunities for practice

This unit is assessed through a written portfolio, submitted one month after the course ends.


Unit 2 - Skills in Workplace Mediation Practice (3 days)

This unit is where delegates embed and extend their learning through practical assessment.

Working with three real case studies, delegates work in real time and have the opportunity to participate both as a mediator or a party in dispute.

This allows delegates to consolidate their learning and fully experience the mediation process from all sides.



Aimed at: Individuals who want to work as in-house or consultant mediators in a variety of workplace disputes.

Professionals at any level who want to develop their skills iIndividualsn dealing effectively with difficult behaviour and sensitive issues


  • March 23rd, 24th, 25th, 2020
  • April 27th, 28th, 29th 2020

Attendance at all six days is necessary for accreditation

Time: 9am - 4pm 

Venue: Nightingale Community Academy Training Centre, Beechcroft Road.

Cost: £1,200

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