Wandle Early Language Group

This course takes place across 4 dates: 14/01/21, 25/02/21, 18/03/21 and 29/04/21. Free places are funded by the Wandle English Hub.

The Wandle Early Language Group will meet monthly to understand the research about early language learning and its impact upon children’s reading and access to the wider curriculum.

Join us to:

Understand the research and impact of the Word Gap upon children’s attainment and well-being.
Develop inclusive strategies that promote language development for all children.
Ensure your practice reaches the lowest 20% of children, so that they have rich language experiences that are effective in building vocabulary.
Support staff to develop language learning across the curriculum.

The Wandle Early Language Group is led by Charlotte Raby, who has over 20 years' experience in teacher training, writing and educational consultancy. She is a Primary English Advisor, advising the DfE, schools, MATs and other organisations; speaking across the UK about reading, language development and Reading for Pleasure. She is the lead lecturer in English at Essex and Thames SCITT. Charlotte is an associate member of the English Hub’s Council. She has been working with schools across the country developing early reading with a specific focus upon language and vocabulary.

Aimed at: English/Reading Leads and SLT

Date: 14th January, 25th February, 18th March and 29th April 2021

Time: 14:00 - 15:30

Venue: Online

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