How do we support children in transition during COVID 19?

Sonia Mainstone-Cotton will be sharing ideas and thoughts around how we can support children through the transition process in term 6 into term 1.

We all have the transition practices that we use in normal times, but our plans will need to change and adjust for this current time. Sonia will offer practical ideas and thoughts around transition practice during COVID 19 with particular emphasis on supporting children's emotional wellbeing.

Sonia is a nurture consultant, she supports 4 year olds with social, emotional, and mental health difficulties in their reception year at school and in the term before they go to school. Sonia is currently planning creative ways to support the children she works with in their transitions. Sonia is also the author of 7 books and currently writing her 8th and she delivers training across the country.

Aimed at:  All early years professionals and particularly useful for those seeking support and guidance around this year’s transitions

Date:  Tuesday 16th June 2020

Time:  3:30pm    

Venue: Zoom 

Cost: Free (£40 charge for non-attendance)


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