Special Schools and Unit Middle Leaders Network and Support Group

Sweep coaching for all middle leaders in a special setting

‘All of us are smarter than any one of us’

The sessions will focus on themes and issues concerned with:

  • leading a whole school curriculum area
  • developing teachers in your department / subject area
  • leading pupil progress in your department / subject area
  • demonstrating impact in your department / subject area  

Typical Topics Covered

  • Making Meetings Valuable
  • Working with Challenging Staff
  • Self-Care & Wellbeing
  • Managing Projects and Interventions
  • Making Lesson Observation Developmental
  • Managing Problem Parents
  • Building Relationships
  • Systems to demonstrate impact

A written summary describing the impact of the sessions on your learning will be expected at the end of the year.

Aimed at: Current or aspiring special school middle leaders.


  • 10/07/2020
  • 07/02/2020
  • 13/03/2020
  • 24/04/2020

Time: 1:30 – 4:30pm

Venue:  Paddock Secondary School (Priory Lane, London, SW15 5RT)

Cost: £180

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